Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Things I Am Looking For In 2017

I have put just one post so far this year and very little has changed in the way that life progresses in Lexington.  

Downtown plods along with the announcements of coming dining or drinking establishments, the additions to existing ones and maybe a project of additional government expense to attract either the Millenials or suburbanites to come and enjoy.  Reports say that this is working but I am not so sure.  Is there anyone out there who thinks the downtown business scene is as robust as it should be?

Take the building on the corner of Short and Limestone.  The one that has been restaurant after restaurant, and so on.  I believe that it has spent more of its time preparing to be the next great place than it has being a just a simple corner coffeehouse/diner.  Is that corner really destined to be the culinary center of town?

Our two downtown grocery stores have withered and passed but the need for the staples they carried still exists.  One aimed for the high end, the other for the more moderate yet neither delivered.  Panera's and Jimmy John's appear to have both bicycles and auto criss-crossing downtown on a daily basis.  Is bike delivery so difficult for daily staples or do Lexingtonian's dislike shopping for really fresh food?

This past year has seen changes in the historical context of some of our buildings and the conversations about the removal of our other historic context, but very little about adding touches or images of our missing historic elements to put it all in perspective.  Maybe this is something that I need to get back to thinking about in the new year.

For those of you who have followed be on Facebook or Twitter, thanks.  I will not give them up entirely since I really desire the conversations which many of those posts generated.  I am told that this blog can reach much farther than either FB or T but I want more than reach, I want to be a part of a dialogue.  In a dialogue, I cannot be the only one talking so the missing part is you.  I wonder who is willing to help.

Happy Holidays... and lets talk in 2017

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