Thursday, August 27, 2009

365 Days Later

I have been at this for a year now.

Tomorrow will begin my second year of writing this blog and I did not expect it to take the turns that it has. I wanted to write about some of the things that most people believe are trivial and insignificant about the streets and neighborhoods of Lexington. I wanted to stay away from all the controversial items in the news. I wanted to see if I could improve my typing and writing skills.

I don't think that I succeeded at any of them, although Mrs. Sweeper says that my writing style does show some improvement.

What I have done is write about some of the things that I do know about. Things that I have an opinion on and even some things that I question. Along the way I have accumulated a somewhat regular following. There are a few of you that stop in about once a week and some who come by EVERY day. Most of the regulars are from the Central Kentucky area but some are from a little farther away. I even have a regular who stops in every morning from Arizona.

There are some other web sites that have linked to me from their sites and a few who have re-posted some of my stuff or sent a number of their readers my way, for that I am grateful. There are also the odd visitors who are looking for real street sweeping information, to them I am sorry to disappoint but I hope that they took something away with them.

I have tried to allow every comment made to my posts, whether you agree with me or not, and will not censor anybody unless the get very nasty or vulgar. I will continue to blog about things that interest me and give my point of view. Where possible I will give the historical background on the topic and my experiences from growing up right here in Lexington. I hope I don't drive anybody away with my biases, but you keep coming back so I must be doing something that you like. If you have anything that you wish me to look into just drop me a line and give me a direction.

If you all will keep coming back then I will keep putting myself out there and we will just what the next year will bring.


ps.Lex said...

Congrats! I gave up blogging after a couple months. It was too big of a time commitment. By the way, I believe your photo of the month is the building that will very soon be Dudley's new location, 261 W. Short St?

David M. F. Schankula said...

thank you for writing, and do definitely keep up. i've enjoyed all the posts and especially like the little histories you sometimes post. congrats on the 1 year mark.