Friday, August 14, 2009

Is The Downtown Spotlight On Dim?

I was wandering around the Spotlight Lexington website last night, when one of the headlines caught my eye. There is a second call for artwork to be utilized in a poster for the free festival that Lexington is preparing to coincide with the WEG(World Equestrian Games).

A second call. What happened to the first call?

I searched through the earlier posts and found the first call for art. This was issued probably in May as the deadline for submission was June 26th of this year. A simple set of rules and very little description of desired content. Horizontal in nature and may be done in any medium.

Then on the first of July there was a deadline extension until July 15th. Did they not get enough entries to have a contest? Were the entries depicting scenes undesired by the committee? Winners would now be notified by August 10th.

Now there is this second call for art. The rules are fleshed out a little and a few more restrictions are placed on content. Still, there is no better idea for concept than before. The most prominent restriction is the prohibition of any connection to the WEG. Just show some festive occurrence in downtown Lexington.

Things must be going fairly poorly for these guys. I just don't feel the groundswell of optimism about this and the sponsors seem to be few and far between.

I'll keep my eye on this as we get closer.

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