Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Still Support Art In Motion

I attended the fund raiser for Art in Motion last Thursday night, along with Mrs. Sweeper, as it afforded me the opportunity meet some of the people that I have posted about for a while. Or so I thought.

The location was Natasha’s Bistro and Bar on the Esplanade, time, from 5:30 till 10:00, a great chance for us to meet and greet other AiM supporters. Maybe even exchange some ideas. We arrived at about 6, just enough to not be the first in the door but still have some time the entertainment for the evening.

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. By 6 o’clock the opening band was rocking the joint, and I mean rocking it. We heard them from the corner of Main St. There was no time for casual conversation with others, no introductions, no quiet time for mingling. Take your money at the door, hustle you to a table and we were on our own.

The band, Positive Movement, was playing some modern jazz or blues which the Mrs. and I enjoy on a regular basis during the summer, but this was just a bit too loud for the occasion. I couldn’t hear the waitress or my wife so we reverted to the primitive form of texting, passing notes to each other across the table.

Relatives of the band members or members of the main band, Water with Vera Soules, took up positions right in front of the stage and took snapshots and video of the performance while others kept to the periphery and ordered dinner.

We watched the slide show of a variety of art stops from around the world and marveled at the creativity of them. We watched the slide show of the sculptor of the Third St Artstop as he described how he did it. We heard reference to the major participants of the existing structures, but none of them were introduced. I felt a little bit lost.

Dinner over, and the slide shows behind us, little was left to keep us there, as apparently was the case with a majority of the others in the room, so we left. Two members of the MPO staff and the table with the EOP people had all left. I saw nobody from Lextran that I knew and I now know just one more person with Art in Motion.

Don’t think for a moment that this diminishes my enthusiasm for the Art in Motion program or for art stops in general. I will continue to post about them and continue to support their construction. I even anticipate being at a fundraiser in the near future, which I hear will be at Buster’s, and I am told that it will be more along the lines of what I expected last week.

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