Monday, May 11, 2009

The Library's Parking Problem

This is something that I should have known.

Or something I heard/read and it just didn't register, but the parking garage under the Park Plaza Apartments is owned by the Lexington Public Library.

I know that it was built by the State and that the apartments built above are in Lexington's second platted "air lot". I watched the structure being built from an office window. Four years ago the Library bought the garage.

There is a sign above the entrance on Main St, right beside the Library building, and nothing identifying it from the Water St side. From there it appears to be the parking reserved for the apartments. I and Mrs Sweeper have both been under the impression that the majority of the spaces in the garage were taken on a regular basis.

I have seen times when the Government Center Annex was so full that people have circled until they leave and go to find another garage or a space on the street. Many would be surprised to know that they could park in the Library's garage just down the street. Parking has been thought to be at a premium in the downtown and spaces in this garage are going unfilled. Now would be a good time to advertise that this PUBLIC parking.

I of course, as all of you should know by now, think that the need for parking garages should be lessened by the inclusion of a good streetcar system and regional rail. This would also decrease the need for parking in the CentrePointe development and enhance downtown.

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