Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Style Bus Stop Progress

Back in January I wrote about some ideas for the seemingly growing, interest in bus stops done up in a designer style, so called art stops. In that post I gave some examples of places and possible design themes, and although nobody gave any responses, I know that they were read and discussed somewhere. Again at the first of this month, I posted about the coming art stop at Third and Elm Tree Lane.

Now I hear that there is dissension in the ranks of those behind the art stops, Art in Motion, and those artists who could be the future designers of the art stops.

In my mind there is a sufficient amount of work for the number of artists and designers in Lexington. This should be looked at as an on-going civic program. One that adds a number of art stops a year, maybe not more than ten or so, based on available funding. There could be some kind of competition with categories for veteran and novice artists. Points could be awarded for designs that fit best with its location, or for enhancing or emboldening the location. These are elements that will come in time as the program grows beyond its baby steps.

As I see it we have a pretty good first step and some likely slippery ground to cover before we can run with this thing. What we don't need is a lot of mud slinging and raining on everybody's parades.

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