Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anothers Weeks Lack of Progress

Well, it has been another week and there has been no progress at all. It is still ugly and hard to look at. The construction fence is still up and there are no signs of anybody preparing to work anytime soon. Thousands of people pass by on these road every day and look over to see ugly sights. What do our visitors think about Lexington's future when they see this lack of progress?

One could think that I am speaking of CentrePointe and its ongoing debate. They would be WRONG.

I wish that someone would call the owners of Lexington Mall, the partially demolished Continental Inn, the apartments formerly known and built as Todds Trace, the Turfland Mall shell and a few others to account for their lack of movement on redeveloping their properties.

How much money have these people taken out of Lexington's economy in the last several years by their inaction? The employment taxes of the jobs lost would offset the deficit in the Public Safety budget for this year. The business and sales taxes would help both the State and the City, yet nobody is crying about these travesties.

Why hasn't the Urban Council complained about these eyesores as well as their well published rants and grandstanding of CentrePointe. A former Mayor, in her re-election bid, had some suggestions for the Lexington Mall site but was shot down, and here it is over two years later and still nothing. The neighbors complained about the former Continental Inn site and yet nothing has been done about it. Several of the buildings of the apartment complex have been burned and nothing is being done. The Turfland Mall interior has been closed since late last year and nobody seem to have a problem with that.

There are other, smaller locations that have much the same issues that need to be dealt with but these are the major sites that the Council and the administration should demand that something be done.

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