Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder Why People read What I Write

I had a curious visitor today. Someone who arrived by way of ProgressLex, thanks Dan and Ben. I think.

I noticed that they read my stuff for about an hour and had multiple page views. Then they returned a few hours later for more. My IP tracker says that they are SORG Architects , based in Washington D.C. I spent a little time looking over their site and found little to keep my interest. They have won many awards and been published in bu-ku journals and magazines, yet I would not like anything that they show there.

I am always interested in what my readers like and am asking for a show of hands. Go, take a look at SORG and tell me if you would let them design for our downtown. If I understand you guys, I would bet not.

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georgeglass said...

I did not see much I cared for. I felt that a lot of their designs did not blend with their surroundings and that the look would appear dated in the not so distant future. I think I like modern architecture, but more in the instance that form follows function and design is influenced by the practical. In my opinion, some of their work is trying to appear avant garde for only that reason and no real purpose. Then there is also that the look of the designs is not that attractive and not really special in any way.