Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is A Boutique Hotel Closer Than We Think?

As I was leaving the EOP presentation on CentrePointe recently, I struck up a conversation with Tom Eblen – actually introduced myself to him – and we spoke of our reactions. We were both fairly positive about the whole thing, yet Tom still feels that a 21c type boutique hotel is more needed than the convention style which is proposed. Maybe we can both get our wishes.

A consistent rumor going around is that there is extreme interest in a boutique hotel and it centers on the Main and Upper intersection. The First National building, the McKim, Meade & White building, has long been marketed but with few nibbles. As of now, the leases are not being renewed and many believe that a sale is in the air. Speculation, including that on my part, is growing that this will be the conversion of a lifetime and we get our 21c type hotel. Right in the middle of all the downtown action.

If anyone has more to share, I have time to listen.


David M. F. Schankula said...

they were apparently very close a year or so ago, but ultimately buyer balked at amount of work needed within, but they were continuing to look and entertain interests. about five months ago there was a small group, maybe three mid-aged gentelmen, looking at the front of the building and in the foyer, talking about how a bar would fit there.

Streetsweeper said...

From what I have been told there are floor plans circulating and the neighbors are sensing something eminent. I am sure that you are skeptical but if things work out as expected, this stretch of Main St could be very busy soon.

David M. F. Schankula said...

i'm not skeptical of that, really. it makes sense, beautiful building, already built. lot to be said for it.