Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekly Photo Winner

 OK, so both Steve Austin and J Sparks could tell me where these three houses are and Mr Sparks gave the addresses as being on Woodspoint Rd in Ashland Park.  Steve even points out the vast difference that vegetation makes in seeing things.  Below is a view as it looks earlier this week.

But remember that this was a two-part question and although there was a good guess, Mr Sparks ( I believe) was a little too far out Tates Creek Rd and on the wrong side.  I have always understood that the Kelly Dairy farm was just south of the Mt Tabor Rd intersection with Tates Creek.  That would put it whee the Lansdowne-Merrick subdivision is now.

Below is an aerial photo taken shortly after the Immanuel Baptist Church 
finished their initial phase of building

You can see the church in the lower right corner and the old Mt Tabor along the bottom edge.  Gainesway subdivision is in the upper left and the Lansdowne Shoppes (upper right) are yet to be started.  I would place the date of this photo at about 1963 or 64 at the latest.

This week's contest may be a little tricky.  I am looking for 4 identifiable places or locations.  Good luck.

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steve austin said...

This is looking northwest at the intersection of New Circle and Richmond Roads. Obviously New Circle was not finished at the time of this photograph as the overpass over Richmond Road is not completed. The view takes in what is now Home Depot and the old Lexington Mall site. That site, now Southland Christian Church's, appears as a lake in this photo. Wonder how many of their members know that?

The Idle Hour neighborhood is at the top of the picture; this neighborhood was basically on the edge of the city at that time. The giveaway to me was Idle Hour Park: the ball fields are still in the same locations. The giant “Freedom” Dodge car dealership now sites between the park and New Circle.

It appears that what became Woodhill Drive was in its infancy. The apartment buildings at the right of the picture represent one of the first development jumps over New Circle.

Great photo, Mr. Sweeper.