Sunday, October 5, 2008

A little time off

So, I have taken a little time off. The Mrs. says that I don't do it often enough to suit her but this week we got some stuff done around the house and took a short trip. We made the short run up to Louisville to take in the St. James Ct. Art Fair. It is a lot like the Woodland Arts Fair and a whole lot different.

Both art fairs draw artisans from all over the country and are set in vintage areas. Louisville just has so many more old houses from the late 1800's and the streets of "Old Louisville" are absolutely beautiful. Oh how I wish that the houses around Woodland Park looked like they did. Don't get me wrong, the houses on Kentucky Av. are of the same period but they are not of the same style, size or beauty. The Woodland Arts Fair has spread itself through Woodland Park and continues to add to its size and variety of vendors. St. James is older and although it started on the Court it now takes up entire blocks of some surrounding streets. I imagine that it was a conscious decision not to use Central Park for St. James just as it has been for Lexington not to close the streets for Woodland, it keeps them separate in style.

Mrs. Sweeper and I have made this trip a yearly occurrence for some time now and we usually have a spot on the wall that needs filling, so we go with the idea of buying something. We always see such beautiful art objects and they have just the right color schemes to fit right in, but the prices, oh the prices. This year there was a metal mosaic piece depicting the "Tree of Life", gorgeous, but $4,000. Then there was a tile mosaic version, by another artist, only $850. Both of them left us almost drooling and saying "Why can't we do something like that?" Needless to say, both items were way out of our budget but we did pick up a couple of nice pieces of artwork and a lot of ideas.

One of the ideas that I have had is about the old auditorium that stood on the corner of Kentucky and High Sts. and how that could have been incorporated into the Arts Fair layout. I have been looking at the history of the building and hope to have a posting on it soon.

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