Saturday, October 18, 2008

Second Sunday and what it could be

I watched the Council work session on Tuesday and during the "Council Report" section heard several members comment about the successful Second Sunday event. Most were quite complimentary and exclaimed about how many people had participated. From the pictures in the local newspaper and the evening telecasts I could not see huge crowds, certainly nothing like a parade or the tailgating at the football games. Several went on to state that they would like to hold more in the future and why wait for next year. At least one councilman wanted to do them monthly (Seems like I suggested a while back,see here)

I think I saw many of the council members nodding their heads in agreement and the Mayor was quick to also say what a great time it was. But then he added that it was a very expensive event to put on, many hours of preparation, many man-hours of staff time by many different agencies. I can't help but feel that that was somewhat condescending and very much like "Don't hold your breath on the monthly thing".

There is nothing stopping any neighborhood group or any councilman from organizing one of these events in their areas and just closing of the streets and letting the people do what they want. It shouldn't take a month of mayoral staff time or even council aide time to let the people have their streets back. Let the people arrange for the activities. Let the people pick the street or group of streets and involve the local businesses.

Second Sunday is a fine idea that has been introduced to Lexington and we have Councilman Jay McChord to thank for that. I don't wish to see our city leaders control how the people can take this idea and run with it.

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