Sunday, November 2, 2008

Freeways and the future

I am so glad that we do not have problems such as these. I just read about the Congress for New Urbanism's list of freeways that the people think should be removed.
The closest one to me is in Louisville and I can concur wholeheartedly. The State of Kentucky will only waste money, that it does not have, if it continues on this road.

The voters of the Louisville area voted one of the major supporters of expanding the freeway out of office, partially to slow the effects of this project. Anne Northup then ran for governor, I feel, to endorse and build this project. Thankfully, she was defeated. Again she is running for the 3rd district(Louisville) representative and again one of her main goals is to expand what the people don't want, the mess of highways along the river.

What Lexington(and Louisville) needs are alternative forms of transportation from the freeways and highways that divide us from our historic roots. Lexington, in the form of its downtown area and Louisville, it riverfront.

We need to support more of this kind of thinking.

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Sherman Cahal said...

You should be glad that the original proposals for the freeway network within Lexington was never adopted. Lines were proposed along the Vine Street corridor, in South Hill, along the (today's) Norfolk-Southern ROW, US 25... and we would be facing a freeway revolt today if that was the case.