Sunday, February 8, 2009

Say it aint so...

More things that I hope never happen in Lexington.

This comes to us from BrokenSidewalk out of Louisville. The Mayor there recently presided over the grand opening of a luxury parking garage. A very small luxury garage. The developers pulled out all the stops and left no detail unattended. The media gave great coverage for a a 15 car luxury garage. Fifteen cars, are you kidding me?

I can't even imagine what could comprise a luxury garage. Do the stalls come with soothing colored walls and extra padded tire stops. Is there mood lighting and special artwork on the support posts? Does the maid come in to tidy up every day? Does it come with a soak and/or a shower and its individual fuel pump? All this and only for fifteen cars. The other 34 cars get to sit outside on the new surface lot...peons.

Let us hope that Lexington's mayor never get himself stuck playing this kind of gig.

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Jonathan Meador said...

Granted, the photo-op is ridiculous, but that's Mayor Jer for ya: always ready to cut a ribbon no matter how big (or absurdly small) the occasion.

However, as a former Lexingtonian and current resident of the River City, I'd hope that what's currently happening to downtown Lexington never happens here - that is, a "hole" lot of nothing. (Get it, Webbs?)

As for the kind of gigs Newberry has already gotten himself into, well... let's just say he's going to have a hard time getting re-elected.

One last note: Due to the relative lack of development in the Horse Capital of The World, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the Streetsweeper would choose to post an item concerning Lexington's larger, more urban, and generally more habitable cousin. As Broken Sidewalk posits, the fact that a luxury garage is opening in this terrible economy is better than a luxury garage NOT opening, and our mayor is more than eager to capitalize on the photo-op. Simple (albeit silly) politicking.

As for Newberry? Counting down the days on the FEI World Equestrian Games clock, fingers crossed, hoping that his fair burg is "Austin enough" for people who don't even live there.

Shall I go on?...