Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Somebody reads me"

I was not prepared for this. I know that some of you have been reading what I write for some time, but with no one giving any comments(except for one dear friend) I have happily typed along in my own little world.

The first I heard of someone using one of my posts was when my ideas were presented to the Downtown Circulator steering committee. I understand that they were received quite favorably. I have also seen my blog as a link on other sites that I enjoy and have commented so. Then today the dam let go.

One of my posts about the current Stimulus Package now winding its way through the Senate was exerpted and posted on Barefoot and Progressive, then on ACE’s blog and shortly after that, referenced in a comment to an article on My hit counter went wild(for me) and has nearly tripled my daily average.

I am flattered to be read by some of these older blogs but I thought that I was a bit more laid back than these “in your face” sites. I have read some of their entries and found that I did not agree with most of their premises. B&P is to political for me and ACE has strayed very far from their original Arts, Culture and Entertainment format and into some free form whine and rant sessions.

The referenced entry was my take on the Mayor’s “shovel ready” projects list and what I perceived as possible duplications of expenses. There was no detailed explanation attached to any of the projects nor was there a justification given. A web site has been set up to keep track of the projects on the national list, which allows a brief explanation to entered Wiki style. I hope that the Lexington administration would add these for the benefit of those who follow such things. I would like to be added to the Mayor’s evaluation committee but I doubt, from my understanding of the current administration, that it would ever happen.

In relation to the total stimulus package, I feel that anything that is not related to infrastructure repair or expansion of transportation of people, goods and services in the most efficient methods possible (i.e. Mass Transit, Light rail and High Speed rail), Transit Oriented Development and expansion of localized manufacturing is of second tier importance. I believe that, in opposition to Mitch McConnell, we should put our people back to work first, buy American first, and let the world follow us out of this recession.

In other words “Think Globally, but Act Locally”.

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