Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Guess the Location

There is a new Photo of the Month. Imagine that, this being April 1 and all that. This is a photo that I found on the Kentuckiana Digital Library site.

A link to a good image is

I will tell you now that the information that they have is incorrect. See if you can tell me where this location is and what(if anything) is there today. There is enough information on their site to give you the answer.


Sherman Cahal said...

If I am not mistaken, isn't this at the corner of Broadway and Loudon?

Streetsweeper said...

Sorry to say, but you are mistaken.

First, The shadows being cast are wrong for that location.
Second, The railroad reference is incorrect for that location.
And third, Although the time frame is consistent for the bridge abutment design, there was no industry like this in that location.

Do try again.

ps.Lex said...

Ummm... just a guess, but is it west of Newtown Pike on West Main Street looking North? 1913, there wasn't a highway bridge there, I'm guessing...

Streetsweeper said...

Once again you have arrived at the correct location.

Would you care to explain how you came to your conclusion? Maybe explain what tools you used to determine the location?

ps.Lex said...

2 for 2!! I'm on a roll.

No tools... just simple logic, although Google maps and street view did help a little.

I couldn't find a whole lot to go off of from the picture of the month. However at the website you linked the picture from, there were other photos taken in different directions of the same area. Each photo had the direction the picture was facing, and in one of the photos, there was a tall skinny object off in the distance. < > It just so happened I recognized it as the 120 foot tall Henry Clay monument in Lexington Cemetery, from there it was just narrowing down the exact location.

I have to say, this was a really hard one. I looked at that picture every day and done I don't know how many Google searches for "Indian Refining Company," which led nowhere. In the end, it was something very small in another picture that cracked the puzzle.

chris said...

"The question make Mr. Gray sound like he up on the situation but only leaves doubt in the minds of those who don’t know any better. Certainly the plans are in the hands of qualified engineers and ore being checked against the core drillings taken during the demolitions."

If you're going to play the enlightend intelecutal card please proof read first.