Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks to R. J. Corman

I, like most of the rest of Lexington, have been on the Calipari watch this afternoon and evening. I also have found out a few things about my fellow Central Kentuckians.

Hell, were all nuts. We were, for the most part, on the edge of our seats or pacing the floor, waiting for the next hint of a Calipari sighting. Then there was the report on WKYT about the plane leaving from Memphis for Lexington, it reminded me of the slow chase of a white Bronco along the LA freeways of a number of years back. But it wasn't white, it was red-very red.

I have been interested in trains for as long as I can remember. I have also been a Wildcat fan for about as long, from my first game in Memorial up to today. Today someone else with a passion for both of these subjects, stepped up and helped bring John Calipari to Lexington and the mecca of basketball. R. J. Corman had his private jet fly to Memphis to pick up the new coach and his family and brought them to town in first class style.

The Corman railroad colors may be red and silver, but I now know that R. J. Corman's heart has a nice shade of blue coursing through it, a beautiful shade of Wildcat Blue.

I would like to thank R. J. Corman for all that he does in the railroad field and however he assisted the UK athletics program.

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