Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Milestone

I started this blog on August 29 and in a short six months, I now find that I have had an official 1,000 hits. I didn't think that it would come this soon although I did believe it would arrive.

Some of you have given me comments, but most of you have not. I hope that I have kept you entertained and believe, for the most part, that I have. I mean, you do keep coming back. I get the odd visitor from overseas, looking for real street sweeping equipment, but there is a quiet core who show up every day. I wonder if you check in to see if I have something new or inflammatory to say or if I'm just going to say something stupid.

I did have a decent response to the poll and hope that the quiz on the Photo of the Month will work out, I have a bunch of other good mysteries in photo form.

I would like to hear from some of you if you like what I post and even if you don't. I can say that there are some new transit developments in the works to be discussed in the future.

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