Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Cheapside

I cruised over by Cheapside today to check out the progress on the old Northern Bank building remodel. Sure enough there is a new night spot going in there. It will be called Pulse nightlife and presumably feature, as their website claims, Dance...Drag...and Drinks. They do not list any live music and feature plainly their D.J.s on their own page. It looks smaller than the Dame and that is why they passed it up, I think. It will be a great addition to the burgeoning entertainment district and will make some of old-timers recall the LMNOP and Johnny Angel clubs from the past.

The Cheapside bar has their new addition nearly complete and there is a curious shuttered opening facing the sidewalk that looks like they will be serving directly outside to the street. Will this be for food or drink going to the patrons sitting in the seating area where the old Cheapside street was?

It will be different seeing Mr. Breckenridge facing Main St and not the court house. I saw a tree with a plaque dedication it to the innocent victims of crime from 1988 and a tree memorializing the World War I dead from 1929. The renderings of the new proposals show the '29 tree as being retained and do not show what happens to the '88 tree. I will have to check in to that detail.

From what I see, there is a lot of work to do in the next month to be ready for the season opening of the Farmers Market and in keeping the current businesses along Cheapside happy.

The vast amount of parking around the Metropol building should already be increasing in value and in a better economy would already be looked at for development.

In other news the Tin Roof is OPEN

I did have one guess so far on the Photo of the Month. The guess was around Cox St. That is incorrect. Wrong railroad and looking in the wrong direction.

Keep guessing, I have a bunch of these.

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ps.Lex said...

I don't know where I'm suppose to guess about the photo of the month, so I'll do it here:

Is it downtown, Vine St. facing east?