Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answer to the Photo of the Month

We have a winner. Well, its the same as last time ps.Lex. Congratulations again.

I told everyone that there was enough information on the KYVL site to deduce the answer and while ps.Lex did not use the same as I, he/she did come up with it.

First, the text in the lower left corner. CS Property(the web site shows C&O railroad) is incorrect for the railroad, it is actually Cincinnati Southern railway. That can be determined by the date of 1913. The C&O railroad entered town from the east and crossed all roads at grade(no bridges). The Cincinnati Southern tracks in the picture is actually a switch track which ran from the current yard area on S. Broadway past the now Southend park, across the High/Maxwell intersection and past the Southern States building(where it currently ends), then by trestle, over Manchester St toward Main, which it also crossed.

Second, the Sanborn Insurance maps(also on this site) for 1907-1920 has, on page 47 the intersection of Payne St and W. Main with, wait for it, ---The Indian Refining Co. office right beside the railroad bridge.

Once again, this has been fun. Next time I'll have to make it harder.

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ps.Lex said...

Since you seem to be very knowledgeable about Lexington, I found this picture interesting.

What do you know about the body of water (pond/lake/quarry) in front of the UK Admin, where Kennedy Book store and the parking structure now stand? And did it flood? Was that the cause of the flooding that occured in pictures of Alumni Gym being partially underwater?