Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday night we went to the Patriotic Concert at Transylvania as we always do. On the way we passed the corner of Third and Elm Tree Ln.

This is what the art stop looked like around noon on Thursday and below is a rendering of the completed project.

Of all the project that I have blogged about along this corridor, this is probably the most exciting and the first one to be underway(and its well on its way to completion).

The sculpture (seen below) to be placed near the corner of the two streets is interesting and colorful. I hope to have some information on the sculptor in the next day or so, so stay tuned.
The Urban County Council approved a business plan for the Lyric across the street and have a construction supervisor in place so that work can begin there soon. This section of Third St is beginning to move in the right direction. And as a gentleman I spoke to last Thursday said "If we can keep the homeless from sleeping in the bus stop and graffiti off the art work, this will be real nice".

I think that this will be real nice indeed.

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