Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tempest on South Limestone

Once again the citizens are revolting. The South Limestone Business Owners Association has filed a lawsuit to delay the street renovations some more, just when they should be hitting the end of their first two months of work.

Yes, they should have started the week after the students left town for the summer. For this we can and do blame the Urban County Council. As it is now, we have a small group of business owners, concentrated in a limited area, asking that the whole project be halted because of a little difficulty being delivered to.

I was out there today and from what I saw, things are not going all that badly. At the noontime hour, Hanna's had what looked like a full seating, Failte had a couple exiting the shop with purchases, the tailor shop had a sign in the window stating that they were on vacation for a couple of weeks and the Soundbar was not open for lunch. The Bombay Brazier has moved their entrance to the High St doorway and I can never tell how well they do at noon.

In the above photo you can clearly see that there is one lane open and that people have entered and left by way of the intersection with Chrysalis Ct. The church parking lot was also available.

On the other hand, as I got closer to campus and the work became louder and dustier, there were people seated on the patios from the Tin Roof all the way to Pazzo's. Even the McDonald's had someone at the drive thru. There were people associated with the university and the hospital personnel all making their way to get something to eat.

All the owners along the southern section, when interviewed, seem to be positive about the project and most say that business is no worse than usual.

Now, what I did find as a bit of irony, was that the Kimball Square project is still trying to lease the ground floor units and have been for months. This may put a crimp in their ability to do so even more for the next year.

And finally, above is a photo that I took back in May, as the Soundbar was finishing up on their renovations. I had tried to get this shot for about 2 months but there were always some contractors vehicles in the way, usually blocking the sidewalk. I wonder if the neighboring businesses said anything about that. And while we are wondering, consider this, how many of these businesses rely on drive up traffic more than walk up patrons?

Does anybody here the cry of "wolf"?

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