Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gray Keeps It Local???

The other day our friends at Lowell's Under the Hood referenced this site and the question I asked about Vice Mayor Gray's campaign web site. I have followed Rob's diatribes on planning and the supposed failures of the downtown projects both, announced and started, along with his unrelenting support for Mr Gray. Now, maybe, Mr Morris would like to take on the real reason as to why he supports Mr Gray so heavily.

As mayor, Jim Newberry has failed to improve Lexington's downtown planning efforts

The latest Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2007, after the Downtown Master Plan (DMP) was completed, and references the specific principles as outlined in the DMP. The whole document was not included as an element of the Comprehensive Plan for various reasons. The Urban County Council does not adopt the Plan under Kentucky State law but they do set the goals and objectives of the Plan. Several principles of the DMP have been earmarked as items to be studied or initiated at a later date, though none have been as yet.

Is this what they are calling failure?

All downtown projects in the works or announced have complied with the rules and regulations currently in force. Mayor Newberry has brought no requests to study or initiate any of the previously referenced principles (maintaining the status quo) nor has any of the council members, presently or formerly. If this is failure, then the blame should be spread across all parties involved. If this a campaign issue, then it is an issue for all.

As mayor, Jim Newberry has allowed the complete destruction of a whole, historic city block

The Herald Leader was probably the first to fly this flag, yet they were also the banner bearers of all the Urban Renewal projects, the Lexington Center and any Webb project announced. In the "70s and "80s, anything purported to be a downtown development was deemed to be progress. When will those responsible for that be vilified? Has the Herald Leader apologized for their "rah-rah" behavior toward what is now considered the destruction of downtown?

As mayor, Jim Gray will give direction and focus to Lexington and its future

This all sounds good if there were any evidence to support it.

We have all seen Mr. Gray's efforts to influence public opinion about some local controversy, but usually after someone else has done all the legwork and heavy lifting. CentrePointe, the airport and the library are the first to come to mind. Vice Mayor Gray, for all of his insight, has NOT been at the forefront of the investigation on any of these.

From all the accounts that I have heard(these are probably rumors of some sort) concerning the Infill/Redevelopment Committee and others have been slowed in their work by the antics of mr. Gray. I am sure that this will be construed as him going up against the staid "old guard" of complacency and striving for better planning but I don't think it comes across that way to the others involved.

Then, there is the constant touting of the 21C hotel in Louisville. Is that it? He has done more for Louisville, in terms of downtown redevelopment, than he has for Lexington? The only building that he has renovated here is his own and that it. He did do the new Kentucky Eagle Beer building to LEED standards, not Platinum or Gold or even to the more stringent European standard, so setting the bar high is not something to write home about.

I am not that enthused about any of the candidates, but of the top three, Mr Gray still needs to show me something more.

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John Bronson said...

You will be pleased to know that they are demolishing a half-block of buildings for a suburban CVS with two drive-through lanes and parking!