Monday, August 2, 2010

Changes To The Colt?

I haven't followed this as closely as I should but I understand that there may be changes coming to the Colt Trolley in the near future.

I have heard that the merchants along Jefferson St are urging the Lextran to extend the Colt to their area. Places like Stella's Deli and The Grey Goose are wanting to get in on the lunch time and the night bar scene with the rest of downtown. I would think that the folks in the Woodland Triangle are just as willing to get trolley service. An extension up Woodland, around Maxwell to Kentucky and down by the park would come close to approximating the early streetcar service from 100 years ago.

The north/south route, I hear, is being extended to Fourth St. to eliminate an awkward movement and a better stopping location near the Atomic Cafe. With the other announced additions to North Limestone, will it be long before it reaches Al's Bar and Sidecar?

Lastly, you should also look for the drivers to have their own uniform. Special ties and caps a la the old time streetcar conductors. If they are going to all this trouble, then go ahead and put in real streetcars.


Alison said...

That would be fantastic to have the trolley go that far. I hope it happens.

EM said...

A recent essay in North of Center has me questioning usefulness of the trolley and the appropriateness of spending public transportation funds on it.

Nonetheless, I find it hard not to get behind any expansion of public transportation in Lexington, so I hope that what Mr. Sweeper has heard comes to be.

I'd also suggest that the trolley's route could be expanded to run along Red Mile Road and Angliana. There are many, many students who live on these roads and would probably appreciate a ride into town.

Streetsweeper said...

Alison, I believe that you will see it very soon.

EM, The NoC article does point out some lack of ridership during the noontime runs but the nighttime runs are very popular. What we have here are the first "baby steps" of the development toward a real downtown circulator system. The "buy in" of the businesses who stand to benefit most from the trolley is definitely a requirement and apartment complexes do not fill that bill. The Red Mile and Angliana Ave residential area is currently served by decent bus schedules and the only thing lacking is the commercial component.

The downtown circulator should not expand past the 1 mile radius of the old Court House (the original City Limits)