Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eco Art In Lexington

The other day I wrote about some of the newer public art that I have seen around town. These artworks are fanciful pictures adorning a number of downtown storm sewer inlet boxes and last Friday I caught them in the act.

This is actually part of an EcoArt grant from the The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government's Department of Environmental Quality and LexArts. I would think that it is probably the most visible of the listed grants and the brainchild of Blake Eames and Claudia Michler.

Blake has named this series "Made you look" and it is supposed to get you to look at the storm drains in a different way. All of these inlets lead to the Town Branch Creek and then to the Kentucky River. Anything other than water tends to be a pollutant, even grass and leaves if they occur in sufficient quantity. Paper, cigarette butts and sundry other street trash are all undesirable pollutants and hopefully an artistically themed inlet will help you think about just tossing your trash in the street.

The one pictured above is at the corner of Main and Eastern and should be the tenth or eleventh of the the 30 that they intend to do. They all are different and take some elements from the surroundings, though it is not always quite so obvious.

Keep an eye out for these ladies as the continue to decorate and draw awareness to the local storm drains in the downtown area over the next few weeks. If you see them, give them a big "Thank you " from the whole community and maybe we will see more of them in the future.


Aaron German said...

Does anyone know if you have to have special permission from the city to paint these drains? Is there any reason (other than my lack of talent and my laziness) that I couldn't paint the drain in front of my house?

Stephen said...

Thanks for writing about the storm drain art. I was working out at the High St YMCA and thought the lady on Stone Avenue painting the storm drain across the street just had some extra paint and lots of time on her hands.