Saturday, August 28, 2010

Second Anniversary

It was 2 years ago that I started this mess. I was convinced that I had no business writing a blog and that my typing skills would make it a chore. Besides, who would read what I have to say?

Here we are two years (and over 10,000 hits) later and I have a small but growing list of regular readers. I am convinced that some of you just look in to see what this idiot will say next while others are looking for some news. I don't do news, just opinion, but thanks for reading.

I have been rethinking just how I want to adjust the direction of my writing. I will still comment on the local development events and still advocate for the regional rail connections that we will all need in the future, but I want to do a little more in the historical aspects of the current controversies. Mrs Sweeper thinks that a book on local history could come out of this and maybe it will. She has been right in the past. I will take suggestions from you, the readers, on topics that you may be interested in.

Now, on to year 3

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Aaron German said...

I'd love to read some local history. If you get a book out of it, all the better.