Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lexington and Louisville not alone

The budget woes of Lexington and Louisville that I wrote about yesterday are not limited to Kentucky. It appears that Hamilton Co in Ohio(Cincinnati) is also looking to trim fat from the wrong areas.

Why can't city leaders realize like the regular families do, that even though some promises were made, some deals were struck or someone else claimed the right, that situations change (of no fault of their own) and priorities have to be re-evaluated.

This all reminds me of the homeowner of recent housing development, who called to complain about the new apartment complex being built behind her house. "The Realtor said that I would be surrounded by single family houses." she said. "When did the get that rezoned? I wasn't told about this." The property 's zoning was all changed at the same time, three years before her house was built. Sometimes we and our city leaders don't do "due diligence" and sometimes it is the "law of unintended consequences", but situations do change. And so do our priorities.

Let's just deal with it.

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