Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Avon and the State Parks system

Several years ago the Federal government began transferring the operations at the Avon Depot to private industrial entities and renamed to facility Bluegrass Station. The majority of the new industrial operations were military in nature and the army kept a small force there for security reasons.

Recently the Lexington-Fayette County Government began offering recreation opportunities by opening the golf course and pool as facilities of the LFUCG Division of Parks & Recreation. On their current web pages, they show the golf but not the pool ( I believe they ceased operating it due to low attendance) in Avon.

Today I learned that the State of Kentucky took title to 211 acres of the former Avon facility at the end of September. This was not in the news, either TV or print. Where was the crack investigative team from the Herald-Leader? "Rita Skeeter" must have been tracking down something about CentrePointe at that time. Anyway, the State will now be responsible for the land and I guess the recreation to done there. I cannot put much stock in the city's parks website right now since the entire LFUCG website is to be revamped and relaunched within the week, the current pages may not be the most correct. That is the reason that I did not link to them.

I will try to keep my eyes open an learn just what the State has in mind for the property and if the LFUCG will contiue to provide services to that portion of the county.

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