Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is something happening across from Main & Rose?

I received a call from a lawyer friend today. They were looking into some older property records concerning railroads and street rights of way in the downtown. As always, when they have a sticky question, they call the "old Streetsweeper".

The question started out about Water St and whether it was a State or County street. Some deeds had been traced back which left in doubt if it was either. My first impression was that Water st goes all the way back to the original plat for Lexington in 1792, so named because it fronted along the Town Branch Creek. (We are talking CentrePointe, I said to myself.)

Then came, "Who built and named Water St and did we acquire it from the railroad?" Now I'm out in left field, the railroad came way after the plat of '92. This attorney does good work and follows deed trails well, but when they started speaking of Urban Renewal and service entrances on plats then I know we are not talking the same area. A little more digging and I find that we are behind the Visitors and Convention office, a whole new can of worms.

This the same area that an architect friend and an engineer friend have let me know is in play for development. This the same block that I have discussed on and been told that nothing was doing. The location in question is shown below.

With the location tied down, I could then explain all the history that I knew about the plats and deed descriptions that the attorney already had. I said that there was a proposal to develop the whole block and that there was to be a parking garage built for this project. What I got in return was sharp laugh and a "You did not hear that from me".

Yes, I did not hear that from them but it was a fairly firm confirmation that something is afoot, because I know for whom this person works. I am now positive that the government is in up to the eyeballs and that things are still on track.

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