Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photo Winner For July 10

There was at least one sharp eyed reader this week who then gave away the answer to the Facebook crowd. Congratulations to J W Thompson and the others who agreed. 

Yes, the location is from South Broadway looking north and the building on the right is the Reynolds building built in 1917.

The best that I can tell, this was right in front of Beckham Place, which was the passageway beside and access to the Southern Railway station. It therefore makes sense that Southeastern Express would have a presence (advertisement or physical) along this road, although I believe that this is a rooming house.

The intersections off to the left are in order Magazine, Hayman and Chair which are probably fairly familiar to many readers as the neighborhood of Country Boys Brewing. The intersection behind and to the right would, of course, be Scott St (nee Scott Ave) since having its name changed from Bowyer St. This was done when the connection was made to Scott from Limestone/Upper area.

Roszell's Feed and Grain elevator did not last much past this photo and was replaced with produce stands and chicken coops by the end of the decade. The building which houses the Tolly-Ho is some years away from being built.

The street railway tracks served two functions as the streetcar tracks went to the Red Mile/Fairgrounds and the interurban cars turned down Angliana Ave on their way to Versailles or the baseball park.

Below is the way that it looked last week

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Anonymous said...

Maxwell Street, maybe a block or two before Rose Street, seems there is maybe one house on right that is not there anymore? What year is this by the way?