Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Part Contest

I did have a story ready for this week but then realized that some of the family involved were still looking in on things here and may not appreciate it.  

Yes the view is on Maxwell St and many of the structures are still around.  Congratulations to all who guessed or knew it.

 For this weeks contest I am going to take a bit of a different track.

The date is 1932 and this is a staged photo for Kelly Dairy.  The processing plant was most obviously at 511 W Maxwell. (Ten or so blocks from our last entry).

 The question this week is two-fold.  Where was the farm on which the cows were milked and identify the location of this supposed delivery.  One of these houses has recently completed a major improvement.


steve austin said...

ha - as I used to live in this neighborhood I know exactly where it is...a well known local personality used to live in the gray stone house...(still does?)

i dont know anything about the Dairy but what strikes me is the astounding change in vegetation - that neighborhood, which is so green today. this photo makes the place seem so desolate yet we know what beauty evolved. the newer neighborhoods of lexington wont have the same opportunity as most of the topsoil in those places has been stripped and the remaining soil compacted - this will prevent such lushness.

J Sparks said...

These houses are located close to the corner of Fontaine Rd. and Woodspoint Rd. From left to right the house numbers are 241, 237, and 233, all of which are on Woodspoint Rd. The house that just had some work completed is the one to the far left at 241 Woodspoint Rd.

Lex Streetsweeper said...

Excellent work on the first part of the question.

Any thoughts on the second?

J Sparks said...

Just a wild guess about where the dairy farm was located, but I think it was located off Tates Creek Rd where The Greenhouse apartments, now Saddle Brook apartments are located. Headed out of town on Tates Creek Rd past New Circle Rd on right. The old farm house is now the main office for Saddle Brook Apts. and I believe it was built and lived in by a UK professor.

J Sparks said...

The other possible farm location was in the area of now Blackburn correctional complex. I recall it being a facility for juveniles and that's who milked the cows.