Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly Photo July 4 Answer

Being a holiday weekend, I did not expect too many guesses and I gave a fairly simple photo.  I was not disappointed since nobody gave more than a half-hearted attempt.

This location, of course is the intersection of Kentucky Ave and Central in the Woodland subdivision.  The store at left was then known as the J.E. Botkin Meats and Grocery, though when I was growing up I knew it as Everett Jennings Real Estate office.  It has since been re-clad in brick and essentially re-built from the outside in.

The subdivision was originally platted in 1884 and at one time hosted the streetcar line as part of the loop with Woodland Ave one block over.  The older photo, taken in 1935, clearly shows that the line has been removed, probably due to the Woodland Auditorium being superseded by better venues.

As you can see very little has changed in terms of buildings and traffic.

Today's offering is not so easy.


Peter Brackney said...

A good one to be sure, you had me here. Couldn't guess it.

This week. Roofline on the building on the right looks like Lexington Children's Museum, but the left side doesn't work given the existence of automobiles and the timeline of the Catholic Church, etc.

Peter Brackney said...

The Southeastern Express sign isn't offering much, but the swastika was part of its logo. That was Lexington Children's Theatre building occupant in the Asa Chinn collection days.

Anonymous said...

South Broadway going in to town, near Bolivar?

ELPetty said...

I believe JW is correct. The tall building in the distance is most likely the Roszell Feed Co., which was located at the corner of South Broadway and Bolivar.

Anonymous said...

Was South Broadway, now Scott Street. Building on near right is UK Art Building. Nothing remains on left because it is the underpass now.

Jim Allison said...

Seems to me it was referred to as the Reynolds Building on South Broadway.